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  • C64 Commando Remake Pc Game Free Download

    C64 Commando Remake is a retro arcade game; a new version of a 1980s home port of an arcade game. Does that make sense? The important information is that this is a fast, one player vertical shoot 'em up. You play a commando and have to survive waves and waves of enemy soldiers.

    The C64 Commando Remake can be played via keyboard or game pad, and has very simple controls: 8-way directional control, and shooting in the direction your commando is facing. you can throw grenades if you have them, although they can only be thrown ahead!

    In keeping with the 8-bit feel, C64 Commando Remake has very blocky graphics, and a bleepy C64 soundtrack (considered one of the best of its genre). This isn't a modern remake, but one faithful to the original. You have three lives, there are no saves over the two levels, and it's pretty hardcore by today's standards. Touch a soldier or a bullet and you're dead!

    C64 Commando Remake feels a little quicker than the original game, although it's difficult to be sure after over 20 years! It's incredibly basic, but that's the attraction of retro games, which are much easier to just pick up and play, even if the difficulty level is higher.

    A great trip down memory lane for older gamers, C64 Commando Remake is a challenging shoot 'em up for everyone who can live with graphics that really turn back the clock!



    OS requirements for C64 Commando Remake:

    • OS: WinXP/Vista/7

    Download here:

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    Tomb Raider: Underworld Pc Game Free Download

    There are some videogame characters that go beyond the game's boundaries and become almost part of our culture. Lara Croft is undoubtedly one of them, and she's back – again – with yet another exotic adventure.

    Tomb Raider: Underworld is the latest episode in the franchise and it remains truly faithful to the series' principles: mysterious locations, varied puzzles and challenges and a more acrobatic than ever Lara with her usual tiny pants and tight tank.

    Tomb Raider: Underworld requires both logical skills and physical abilities, I mean, physical in the sense of keyboard dexterity. The game's fully interactive environment provides you with many paths to explore the area and different ways to move around. However, the game is probably better managed with a gamepad, rather than the usual keyboard and mouse combination.

    One of the most outstanding features in this new Lara Croft adventure is its astounding graphics. Characters, objects and especially landscapes are rendered with plenty of detail. Pay attention, for example, to tree leaves or water: they're so realistic it makes you feel like touching it. Of course, this means that the game has really high system requirements: another reason to play it on a console instead.

    Tomb Raider: Underworld is another episode in the Lara Croft franchise, which will please Lara's fans but which will probably be boring for those of use who don't really like the character.




    • The demo will have players travelling to the western coast of Thailand - the second destination in Tomb Raider: Underworld - to experience a taste of the adventure that is to come. Gamers can master steep coastal cliffs, navigate perilous and crumbling ruins, evade vicious wild animals and use state-of-the-art gear such as the grapple or the new Field Assistance System to create and uncover paths that will take players deep into the challenging wilds of Thailand.

    OS requirements for Tomb Raider: Underworld:

    • OS: WinXP/Vista/7

    Download here:

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    WWE Raw Pc Game Free Download

    Are you a fan of WWE Raw? If you love the TV show, you're going to get a kick out the PC game, a cool piece of entertainment that is sure to keep wrestling fans on the edge of their seats.

    The WWE Raw graphics are really impressive. From the adrenaline-filled opening sequence to the pumping music and excellent crowd details, the whole thing is a buzz from the moment it starts. The wrestling itself doesn't let the game down either - it's natural and believable and doesn't lose any detail during gameplay, although the moves available seemed a little limited.

    Unfortunately, the WWE Raw trial version is really restricted: you can only try one out of the four game options and only two characters are available, The Rock and Kane. Menus and options aren't well designed so even though the game graphics are great, actually figuring out how to play or exit isn't so easy. Even so, the game that is available (1 to 1) is pretty cool, and real fans will want to give the demo a try despite WWE Raw's limitations.

    WWE Raw - great graphics and music are brought down by a limited trial and uncomfortable options.




    • Some game functions are limited.

    OS requirements for WWE Raw:

    • OS: WinXP/Vista/7

    Download here:

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    Cannon Fodder Abandonware Pc Game free download

    The premise behind the game is simple : take control of a group of little men and send them round a variety of landscapes looking for other little men to blow up or shoot in the face.

    Each member of your team that survives a level is available for the next mission, thus making progress a little easier.

    Modern day equivalents to Cannon Fodder are probably the hundred or so real time strategy games around, but none of them can match Cannon Fodder's ingenious level design and delightful attention to detail.

    And you don't need a Pentium IV to run it, either.

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    Tendulkar, Gambhir, Sangakkara fined for slow overrates

    The third Indian Premier League saw a sudden spurt in slow over rate cases with Mumbai Indian captain Sachin Tendulkar and his Delhi and Mohali counterparts Gautam Gambhir and Kumar Sangakkara incurring USD 20,000 fines each.

    “Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir and Kumar Sangakkara have each been fined USD 20,000 for their teams maintaining slow over rates during their respective matches in Mumbai and Mohali on Saturday," the IPL authorities said in a statement.

    Tendulkar was fined after the Mumbai Indians were assessed to be two overs behind required rate during their four-run win against Rajasthan Royals at Brabourne Stadium on Saturday.

    Under the IPL's Code of Conduct relating to minimum over rate offences, Tendulkar was fined USD 20,000 by match referee Andy Pycroft.

    In Mohali, both the Kings XI Punjab and Delhi Daredevils were found one over behind their required rate at the end of their match at Punjab Cricket Association Stadium.

    As a result, Kings XI Punjab captain Sangakkara and Delhi Daredevils skipper Gambhir were fined USD 20,000 each by match referee Srinivas Venkataraghavan.

    Earlier, Kolkata Knight Riders captain Sourav Ganguly had incurred a similar fine for his team's slow over rate in Friday's IPL opener against Deccan Chargers at the DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai.

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    Online billiard game with chat Free Download

    Carom literally means a collision followed by a rebound in a billiard game. Commonly, Pool is referred to a billiard game with pockets while Carom is a game without pockets but just using cushions. Carom unlike Pool is a game that you use the cushions to gain points rather than the pockets.

    Carom 3D is an online multi-user billiard game created with special 3D graphic effects bringing every aspects such as 6 ball, 9 ball, 8 ball and others of Billiard game to life.



    OS requirements for Carom3D:

    • OS: Win95/98/98SE/Me/2000/NT/XP

    Download here:

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    StarCraft 2 Beta Defended from Zerg Rush of Criticism

    Having waited so long for StarCraft 2 to emerge from the locked vaults of Blizzard’s development team, whispers had begun online that one of the most successful real-time strategy (RTS) games of all time had lost its edge.

    Critics have accused StarCraft of being a relic of a past age: “As far as strategy games go, StarCraft just isn’t that great any more,” stated Fruzsina Eordogh writing for True/Slant.

    I think I can safely reveal my honest impressions of the game, which actually didn’t blow me away as much as I had expected. StarCraft 2 is, it turns out, just a game,” Joe Martin almost apologised to his readers in bit-tech, awaiting the howls of Blizzard fans who would inevitably flame him for his heretical opinions.

    I’ve been excited about StarCraft 2 ever since the legendary Blizzard cinematic was released two years ago. Yet whilst criticism mounts against StarCraft 2, from what I have seen and played in the beta, the game remains as absorbing, challenging and fun as it has ever been. Here are my thoughts on how StarCraft 2 can answer its critics:

    One of the criticisms levelled at StarCraft 2 is that the scale of the game is too small. “If I am going to wage war, I want massive amounts of soldiers,” Ms Eordogh complained.

    Whilst this may well have been true of the original game, which had a frustrating limit on the number of units that could be controlled at any one time, StarCraft 2 is easily the equal of Dawn of War (DoW) orCommand & Conquer (C&C) in its scope of available units.

    It’s unfair of Ms Eordogh to compare StarCraft (or DoW or C&C for that matter) with Total War. Players may command huge armies of thousands of troops in Total War, but the reality is that those troops move in large blocks of infantry and cavalry, reducing the player’s control to a handful of maybe 10 or 12 units.

    If anything, StarCraft 2 gives players more control over individual units, providing a much greater scope and flexibility to its game than Total War, and with the new unit caps huge epic battles can take place like never before in the StarCraft universe.

    Furthermore, the sheer range of units now available in the new and improved game is staggering. Terrans for example have four infantry, three heavy vehicles and five air units to choose from, providing much greater tactical flexibility to the game.

    Another weakness of StarCraft 2 highlighted was the lack of engaging terrain: “When waging a battle you should be able to utilize the terrain around you. If you are attacking, or defending, you would use the hills or buildings differently.”

    True, StarCraft 2 does not provide cover bonuses as players get in DoW, but this does not mean that the terrain does not affect the tactics of a battle in the game. Unlike in other RTS games which tend to have quite open fields, the terrain in StarCraft 2 is usually quite cumbersome, presenting a tough battlefield to negotiate for unwary ground units.

    Peter Molyneux caused a hell of a stir when he announced Fable III was ditching its XP bar, Blizzard at least have not tampered with what is regarded by many as RTS perfection.

    Starcraft 2 remains true to the original, updating tired graphics but keeping the core gameplay as fast, furious and enjoyable as ever. I have no doubt that when StarCraft 2 finally hits the shelves it will be a monster hit, and that’s without seeing anything that the sumptuous single player mode has to offer...

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    Knight of the Living Dead 1.0 Pc Game Free Download

    Knight of the Living Dead is a gaming mash up of the King Arthur legend, and zombies! You play Sir Galahad, and have to destroy waves and waves of zombies using your sword, plus a range of fantastic powers

    This is a quirky top-down slash em up survival game. The aim is to kill every single zombie as fast as possible. If you die, there's a five second penalty before you rebirth and can continue the undead slaughter. Control is via the keyboard, for moving and managing your magic powers, and the mouse, for aiming and slicing zombies. This system works well.

    As soon as you begin, zombies swarm toward you. Left-clicking to hack them away with your sword is effective, but slow, and you need to constantly circle around, keeping yourself in some space so you don't become engulfed. As you proceed, you will level up. A message tells you to hit Space, which takes you to a menu where you can upgrade Galahad.

    Your abilities are organized into 5 cards, giving you some cool powers like Smite, Zealotry and Holy Beam. As you level up your powers will get more ridiculous too, and the effects are dramatic. Your sword can grow to huge proportions, allowing you to sweep crowds of Zombies away in a single swipe.

    Knight of the Living Dead looks pretty basic, with big, blocky graphics, but it plays really well, and the sound effects are pretty cool. The card system for powers takes some getting used to, especially when you're really under zombie pressure. It's a fairly simple, and short experience, and replay value comes mainly from fast time chasing. There are online scoreboards, based on time that are automatically update with your score. You can view the top ten results for all time and the last week.

    Knight if the Living Dead is a humorous, challenging and fun slash em up, which should satisfy arcade action fans.



    OS requirements for Knight of the Living Dead:

    • OS: WinXP/Vista

    Download Here:

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    The Rise of Atlantis Pc Game Free Download

    Set out on an adventurous quest around the ancient lands of Greece, Troy, Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt, Carthage and Rome to gather the seven greatest powers of the patron god of the Atlanteans, Poseidon.

    Assemble magic artifacts piece by piece and place them on the Altar of Poseidon to help you raise the legendary continent of Atlantis! The Rise of Atlantis, with fantastic gameplay and unique twists, will keep you entertained for weeks!

    • 77 levels.
    • 7 magic artifacts.
    • Excellent storyline.

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    FIFA 09 Football Pc Game free download

    It's incredible to think it's been 15 years since the FIFA game dynasty began. FIFA 09 is a far cry from the blocky graphics and rigid gameplay of the original, 16-bit version. But, of course, the question is, how much better is this one than FIFA 08?

    The answer, in short is: a little. The graphics in FIFA 09 have been refined, with more photo-realistic captures of the superstars of soccer, and some great new animations both on and off the ball. The presentation of the game is as exquisite as ever, with new match intro sequences featuring the players warming up in the tunnel, crowd chants specific to each club, not to mention the cool new 'widgets' system on the menu pages, where various online and offline stats are displayed at all times. Unfortunately, it was impossible to test the commentary in FIFA 09, as it's not included in this demo version.

    In terms of its gameplay, FIFA 09 offers a smooth ride, although there are few changes to the way the game handles other than a few new tricks and the addition of more realistic collisions. I could've done without these clashes, as sometimes it takes your player a long time to get up after a heavy hit. In fact, one of the new gameplay enhancements in FIFA 09 is the physical presence of some players, which means large defenders are more likely to bundle you off the ball, requiring more cunning to get past them.

    While this demo of FIFA 09 is limited to four-minute demo matches between a choice of six clubs, the full release looks set to really raise the bar in terms of its online modes. I'm particularly excited by the new Adidas Live Season mode, where player information is updated dynamically depending on performances in real life.

    FIFA 09 is undoubtedly a great football sim, although unless you're particularly interested in the online aspect of the game, you may not see a great deal of benefit in upgrading from 08 (other than, of course, the updated transfers).

    Whether it'll prove better than Pro Evolution 2009 is a matter of extensive debate, but FIFA 09 is definitely the best version in the EA series to date.


    English, Spanish, German, French, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese BR, Swedish


    • This demo allows you to play a 4-minute friendly match with any of these teams: Marseille, Schalke, Real Madrid, Chelsea, AC Milan or Toronto FC.

    OS requirements for FIFA 09:

    • OS: WinXP/Vista/7

    Download here:

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