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  • Knight of the Living Dead 1.0 Pc Game Free Download

    Knight of the Living Dead is a gaming mash up of the King Arthur legend, and zombies! You play Sir Galahad, and have to destroy waves and waves of zombies using your sword, plus a range of fantastic powers

    This is a quirky top-down slash em up survival game. The aim is to kill every single zombie as fast as possible. If you die, there's a five second penalty before you rebirth and can continue the undead slaughter. Control is via the keyboard, for moving and managing your magic powers, and the mouse, for aiming and slicing zombies. This system works well.

    As soon as you begin, zombies swarm toward you. Left-clicking to hack them away with your sword is effective, but slow, and you need to constantly circle around, keeping yourself in some space so you don't become engulfed. As you proceed, you will level up. A message tells you to hit Space, which takes you to a menu where you can upgrade Galahad.

    Your abilities are organized into 5 cards, giving you some cool powers like Smite, Zealotry and Holy Beam. As you level up your powers will get more ridiculous too, and the effects are dramatic. Your sword can grow to huge proportions, allowing you to sweep crowds of Zombies away in a single swipe.

    Knight of the Living Dead looks pretty basic, with big, blocky graphics, but it plays really well, and the sound effects are pretty cool. The card system for powers takes some getting used to, especially when you're really under zombie pressure. It's a fairly simple, and short experience, and replay value comes mainly from fast time chasing. There are online scoreboards, based on time that are automatically update with your score. You can view the top ten results for all time and the last week.

    Knight if the Living Dead is a humorous, challenging and fun slash em up, which should satisfy arcade action fans.



    OS requirements for Knight of the Living Dead:

    • OS: WinXP/Vista

    Download here:

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    Cry of the Infected Pc game free download

    Imagine you've turned into a Zombie and lost your wife and now you have to find her again. Sound like an unlikely scenario?

    Well not in Cry of the Infected where you play the role of Robert, a man trying to find his missing wife in a city torn apart by the zombie outbreak. You are constantly pursued by teams of soldiers that are running amok while the zombies attempt to take over town. Robert is confronted by the apocalyptic state of his city which is on the verge of tearing itself apart which is why everyone is turning into zombies. The game takes the format of a first person role playing game and features some pretty basic but fun 3D graphics. There are 13 levels of action although the developers say that playing time is a maximum of a few hours with an alternate ending possible if you find a mysterious secret weapon. It's obvious that the developers have kept detail down to a minimum - there's not much in the way of anything but soldiers and zombies running around but at least this makes it easy to play and follow. However, it would have been considerably better if they'd put a bit more effort into throwing in a few more detailed graphics and a slightly expanded plot and narrative.

    A fun and simple zombie game although you won't need more than a few hours to complete it.



    OS requirements for Cry of the Infected:

    • OS: Win2000/XP/Vista

    Minimum requirements:

    • Processor: 2,66 GHz
    • Memory: 1,0 GB
    • Video: 128 MB
    • DirectX 9.0c

    Download here:

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    Resident Evil 5 Benchmark Pc game free download

    Resident Evil 5 is one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2009, after the previous game was widely praised as the best of the series. While many may wonder whether the zombie killing crown now belongs to Left for Dead, it would be foolish to discount Capcom and their venerable much loved genre defining series.

    This benchmarking tool is basically a non-playable demo, that allows you to check if your system will be able to run the game or not. After the demo runs, you are given a verdict, after which you can alter some parameters such as resolution, graphics levels, motion blur and so on if your system failed the test!

    While the console games were released earlier this year, the PC version features more content and support for the NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Tech. If you're computer's powerful enough, and your screen good enough, you'll be able to experience zombies in 3D if you buy the special glasses.

    At over half a gigabyte, this tool is huge for a non playable demo, but it'll save you time later, or inform you that you need save up to upgrade if you want to have a go at 3D gaming.




    No suitable for minors

    OS requirements for Resident Evil 5 Benchmark:

    • OS: WinXP/Vista/7

    Download here:

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    Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Pc game free download

    Call of Duty has established itself as one of the greatest game series ever. With consistently improving graphics and AI, one of the only real criticisms it has faced of late was the repetitive nature of its setting.

    World War II is a fascinating, multi-theatre world for games to approach in many ways: but how about something different? Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the answer to that request. This game plunges you head-first into a present-day battlefield, even more fast-paced than its predecessors.

    This demo offers you one mission from the full version of the game, where you play Sergeant Paul Jackson, of the US Marines. You're dispatched to save a tank which has become waylaid during its mission against a rebel leader in Saudi Arabia. Like any good demo, the mission features a range of combat situations, including the use of anti-tank weapons, the destruction of an anti-aircraft battery and at least one seriously fast-paced, confusing fire fight.

    The graphics in COD4 are top notch, and we didn't notice any lag even at higher-end settings. COD4 is built on a new proprietary engine which offers much better support for up-to-the-minute lighting effects, clearly visible in this test mission. Another aspect of the new engine makes for a really interesting change to gameplay. Some forms of cover (a light wooden fence, for example), won't offer you much protection like they did in years gone by. While buildings are not destructible, many elements of the environment (like cars and, yes, light wooden fences) are easily destroyed with gunfire. Heavier weapons can cut through heavier cover too, "Shoot them through the wall!" you're ordered at one point.

    All this added realism makes the general quality of gameplay really high. We noticed great improvements in AI, even on easier levels of difficulty where previous games may have left you feeling somewhat silly. In fact, COD4 was surprisingly good, especially when there had been some negative reaction to the XBOX 360 beta.

    Fast paced, intense and varied: awesome graphics and involving gameplay make Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare a must-have for any self-respecting gamer.




    One playable mission

    OS requirements for Call of Duty 4:

    • OS: WinXP/Vista/7

    Download here:

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    Blues have edge over Bushrangers in 1st semis

    New South Wales' batting might tilts the balance in their favour when Simon Katich and his men cross sword with Victoria Bushrangers in an all-Australian semifinal of the Champions League Twenty20 in New Delhi on Wednesday.

    Katich's men emerged from the group stage with an impeccable all-win record before tasting their lone defeat against Trinidad & Tobago, an outfit that remains alien to defeat in the tournament so far.

    The NSW, however, can consider themselves unlucky to have found themselves at the receiving end of Kieron Pollard's stunning batting pyrotechnics as the power-hitter lit up the Friday night sky with an unbeaten 18-ball 54.

    Barring that morale-sapping four-wicket defeat, Katich and his men have not put a foot wrong in the tournament, firing mostly in unison which remains the secret of their progress so far.

    Not that there has not been any individual brilliance on display from the outfit which includes the likes of David Warner and Brett Lee.

    In fact the mere sight of David Warner, with Phillip Hughes in tow, opening the innings is good enough to send shivers down any bowling unit which is aware of the left-hander's hitting prowess.

    A swashbuckler with an uncomplicated game and a simple philosophy that the balls are meant to be hit, Warner has already made his mark with the bat and if he can conjure up a similar performance on Wednesday, Victoria would be doing the catching up job for the remainder of the match.

    Hughes, on his part, is not really a dud with the bat either.

    He seems to have taken his game to a new level after his secret meeting with Sachin Tendulkar and the left-hander gave an ample display of that in the match against Trinidad & Tobago, slamming a free-scoring 83 runs off 64 balls.

    Katich himself is there to lend stability to the middle order and Moises Henrique may not have set alight the tournament so far but there cannot be any question about his ability.

    Their bowling looks equally formidable and any attack that has Brett Lee, Stuart Clark and Doug Bollinger is bound to earn the respect of the opponents.

    Lee has been in consistent form, measly with runs and regular with wickets, and the speedster also has a reputation of raising his game on big-match occasions.

    Stuart Clark doesn't boast Lee's speed or flamboyance but the reticent pacer has few equals when it comes to efficacy and he has been among the wickets regularly.

    Victoria, however, would go out tomorrow to prove that they are no push-overs.

    The team under Cameron White had a rather roller-coaster group stage campaign with surprise defeats against the lowly Wayamba Elevens and stunning triumph over Delhi Daredevils at their den at Ferozeshah Kotla.

    White would be worried with the batsmen's form and he himself would have to lead from the front tomorrow if the side is to win.

    The bowling looks better with Shane Harwood, Peter Siddle and Clint McKay in form but all would depend on how they fare against the Warners and Hugheses.

    Teams (From)

    New South Wales: Simon Katich (c), Aaron Bird, Doug Bollinger, Stuart Clark, Nathan Hauritz, Moises Henriques, Phillip Hughes, Simon Keen, Brett Lee, Steve O'Keefe, Ben Rohrer, Daniel Smith, Steven Smith, Dominic Thornely, David Warner.

    Victoria Bushrangers: Cameron White (capt), Aiden Blizzard, Aaron Finch, Shane Harwood, John Hastings, Brad Hodge, Jon Holland, David Hussey, Andrew McDonald, Bryce McGain, Clint McKay, James Pattinson, Rob Quiney, Peter Siddle, Matthew Wade.

    Street Fighter 2 Plus Champion Edition Pc Game Free Download

    For all Street Fighter II lovers, here’s the Plus Champion Edition version of the most famous fighting game of all time, now available for Windows. While other editions of Street Fighter have often required extra emulators to run, as well as losing some of the feel of the original game, this one retains all the original gameplay and graphics, and all from just one file. You can even add a 'scan lines' effect by pressing Alt-4 or selecting the option in the Video menu.

    With the Champion Edition you can choose between the eight original characters plus the four special ones you meet towards the end of your adventure: Balrog, Sagat, Vega and M. Bison. There are some mistakes here with the names as the Spanish fighter is Vega, the boxer Balrog and the captain M. Bison, but in this emulation, the names are all mixed-up.

    To set the keys you prefer in order to play, go to the Option > Set Config > Controllers menu; at this point, choose '6btn Pad' in the Port1 line and click Define. Now press the keys you would like to use to jump, move right, left, punch and kick by following the direction you see at the bottom of the frame. Now you're all set to enjoy the tournament.

    Revisit the action with your favorite characters from Street Fighter in this faithful version of the original Capcom game.



    OS requirements for Street Fighter 2 Plus Champion Edition:

    • OS: Win98SE/Me/XP/Vista

    Download here:

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    Rio to host 2016 Olympic Games

    Finally, South America gets an Olympics. The 2016 Games are going to Rio de Janeiro.

    In a vote of high drama, the bustling Brazilian carnival city of beaches, mountains and samba beat surprise finalist Madrid, which got a big helping hand from a very influential friend.

    Chicago was knocked out in the first round -- in one of the most shocking defeats ever in International Olympic Committee voting. Even Tokyo, which had trailed throughout the race, did better -- eliminated after Chicago in the second round.

    Rio spoke to IOC members' consciences: the city argued that it was simply unfair that South America has never hosted the games, while Europe, Asia and North America have done so repeatedly.

    "It is a time to address this imbalance," Brazil's charismatic president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, told the IOC's members before they voted. "It is time to light the Olympic cauldron in a tropical country."

    The bearded former union leader disappeared into a huge group hug with the joyous Rio team after IOC president Jacques Rogge announced that the city won. Football great Pele had tears in his eyes.

    Madrid's surprising success in reaching the final round came after former IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch made an unusual appeal for the Spanish capital, reminding the IOC's members as he asked for their vote that, at age 89, "I am very near the end of my time."

    Samaranch ran the IOC for 21 years before Rogge took over in 2001.

    Chicago had long been seen as a front-runner and got the highest possible level of support -- from President Barack Obama himself. But he only spent a few hours in the Danish capital where the vote was held and left before the result was announced. Former IOC member Kai Holm said that the brevity of his appearance may have counted against him.

    The short stopover was "too business-like," Holm said. "It can be that some IOC members see it as a lack of respect."

    Senior Australian IOC member Kevan Gosper surmised that Asian voters may have banded together for Tokyo in the first round, at Chicago's expense.

    "I'm shocked," Gosper said. "The whole thing doesn't make sense other than there has been a stupid bloc vote."

    He worried that the shock exit could do "untold damage" to the already testy relations between the IOC and the U.S. Olympic Committee. They had recent flare-ups over revenue sharing and a USOC TV network.

    "To have the president of the United States and his wife personally appear, then this should happen in the first round is awful and totally undeserving," Gosper said.

    The European-dominated IOC's last two experiences in the United States were marked by controversy: the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics were sullied by a bribery scandal and logistical problems and a bombing hit the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

    Obama had held out the enticing prospect of a Chicago games helping to reconnect the United States with the world after the presidency of George W. Bush. He told the IOC earlier Friday that the "full force of the White House" would be applied so "visitors from all around the world feel welcome and will come away with a sense of the incredible diversity of the American people."

    Now, Chicago can only rue what might have been. And Obama's gamble of expending his own political capital on the bid backfired.

    The last U.S. city to bid for the Summer Games, New York, did scarcely better. It was ousted in the second round in the 2005 vote that gave the 2012 Games to London.

    Tokyo did better than many expected by reaching the second round. It had offered reassurances of financial security, with $4 billion already banked for the games.

    But the fact that the Olympics were held only last year in Asia, in Beijing, handicapped the Japanese capital's bid.

    Its plans for a highly compact games, sparing athletes tiring travel by holding all but the shooting within 5 miles of the city center, were technically appealing. But the bid failed to generate real enthusiasm, even in Japan. Tokyo had the lowest public backing in IOC polls.

    Tokyo's final presentation Friday to the IOC, while smooth and heartfelt, lacked the buzz that the Obamas and Rio generated. In short, Tokyo was simply overshadowed, failing to convince IOC members that it really wanted or needed the games.

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    Rogge: IOC unhappy with 3 nations on women's sport

    IOC president Jacques Rogge and the International Olympic Committee are unhappy with three countries for failing to support the participation of female athletes.

    Rogge did not name the countries, but said they all pose "religious, cultural and political difficulties for women" to compete in sports.

    "We are engaged now in high-reaching discussions with these countries to try and persuade them to be a little more liberal or positive about women's sport," Rogge said on the last day of the IOC session in the Danish capital. "We're engaging in quiet diplomacy with them.

    "To name names will make the task of the people I talk to more difficult."

    Rogge said he hopes to report "good results" for at least two of the countries soon. But he said the third was showing no signs of improvement and could face sanctions from the IOC.

    Anita DeFrantz, head of the IOC women and sports commission, has previously singled out Saudi Arabia for barring women from its Olympic teams. She has suggested the Saudis should be excluded from the 2012 London Olympics unless they end their male-only policy.

    Qatar sent a male-only team to the 2008 Beijing Games. Brunei's policies also have come under scrutiny. Several Arab countries that formerly excluded women—Oman, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates, for example—have relented and sent female athletes to Beijing.

    Overall, the world of sport is leading the way when it comes to gender equality, Rogge said.

    "If you look at women today in sport, we are way ahead of the political, economic and cultural world in terms of women who participate in sport," Rogge told The Associated Press. "So we're not too bad. But we'll do more."

    A debate about gender equality broke out during the IOC session Friday after Mohamed Mzali of Tunisia asked the body to reconsider allowing women's boxing on the program for the 2012 London Olympics.

    "I have difficulty in imagining young women, with good figures" fighting in the ring "and receive hard knocks on their breasts, which are meant to feed babies," Mzali said.

    The comments drew a sharp rebuke from several members.

    "Olympic women's boxing does not seem to be a high-risk sport at all, with respect to injuries," said IOC medical commission chief Arne Ljungqvist, who studied the issue before the organization approved the discipline's inclusion in August. "Women's boxing is less harmful than men's boxing."

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    New PC game to allow players view CCTVs, report crime

    A new internet game is said to be launched which will allow players to plug into thousands of Britain's CCTV cameras and report crimes.

    The 'Internet Eyes' service will involve players scanning through thousands CCTV cameras installed in shops, businesses and town centres across Britain looking for law-breakers.

    Those who will help nab the most number of criminals each month will win cash prizes up to 1,000 pound.

    The game website will also feature hall of fame in which suspected 'criminals' along with a list of their offences and the name of internet user caught them will be posted.

    Tony Morgan's brainchild the game will be launched next month in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Morgan said it would give local businesses protection against petty criminals, and act as a deterrent, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

    But detractors have condemned the game, branding it "a snoopers paradise" the paper said.

    He will charge 20 pound a week per camera to have their CCTV included on the site which could eventually include local authorities and even police forces as well as shop owners.

    "This could turn out to be the best crime prevention weapon there's ever been.

    "I wanted to combine the serious business of stopping crime with the incentive of winning money", Morgan was quoted as saying.

    "We've had a lot of interest from local businesses and hope to roll it out nationwide and then worldwide," Morgan said, adding, Britain has around 4 million CCTV cameras.

    Players can collect points by clicking a button every time they see something suspicious taking place in the CCTV images in real-time.

    An SMS message, along with a still image of the alleged crime will be sent to the operator controlling the camera. They can then decide whether or not to take action.

    Players are awarded one point for spotting a suspected crime and three points if they see someone committing an actual crime.

    Players will lose points if the camera operator rules out that the alert as a crime.

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