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  • Dracula: Origin Pcgame Free Download

    There was a time when point & click games were really popular, but now it seems that they're not that trendy anymore. However there are companies like Frogwares that still believe in this genre, and keep on publishing conversational adventures.

    This is the case of Dracula: Origin, a vampire game that follows the traditional point & click pattern and presents you with a truly Gothic adventure full of mystery, romance and terror, in a gloomy environment.

    Though I personally don't enjoy this kind of games that much, I must admit Dracula: Origin looks pretty impressive. The game stands out for its highly detailed graphics in the design of characters and especially in the recreation of environments. The sense of realism makes the game experience even more pleasant and rewarding.

    The story is also quite an interesting one. You play the role of Van Helsing, the famous scientific whose main aim in life is to destroy the so called Prince of Darkness. Your objectives will then be exploring all the locations you visit, talk to other characters, gather different objects and try to get hints from them all that could take you to Dracula. Like in similar adventures, gameplay is basically reduced to using your mouse to move your character, use objects in your inventory, talk to other people and other actions.

    Dracula: Origin will surely please fans of this genre. However it also requires a lot of patience, so if you're not really into conversational adventures maybe you should look elsewhere.


    Excellent graphics

    Attractive Gothic environment

    Requires patience!

    Download Here:

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