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  • GTA: San Andreas PC Game Free Download

    A few years have gone by and a new GTA title is already in our hands, but GTA San Andreas still remains as one of the most popular and controversial videogames of its time.

    Located in the fictional state of San Andreas, this fourth installment of the GTA series develops around the life of Carl CJ Johnson, who tries to learn more about this mother's murder and rebuild his torn gang, while trying to survive with not-so-legal business ventures.

    This trailer shows the most characteristic elements in the GTA franchise: dark corners and ghettos in big cities, frantic police chases, explosions, corruption, sex and of course, loads of weapons and violence, all with a more than suitable background soundtrack: Welcome to the Jungle, by Guns 'n Roses. Unfortunately, this particular download doesn't show any footage of the actual gameplay.

    The GTA San Andreas gives you a living, colorful glimpse of the action, the adventure and the fun you'll find in this great game.

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