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  • Dead Wake 0.8 Pc Game Free Download

    Over the past few years, we've started to get used to zombies running, so it's almost refreshing to see them lumbering and groaning again, like the zombies we used to love.

    Dead Wake is a bird's eye view zombie survival game, currently in its beta phase. It's a really basic concept. To 'win', you must survive for 30 minutes. You have a gun, with unlimited ammunition, although you need to regularly reload. Aiming, shooting and picking up objects is done with the mouse, and movement is via the keyboard.

    Currently, there's not much to the game. Survival is hard, but as long as you keep reloading before the zombies can reach you, it's not impossible. You can create barricades from crates littered around, but they don't provide enough protection, and can create more problems than they solve! Eventually Dead Wake will have an online mode, but currently it's quite hard to set up. The sound is minimal, and the graphics too at the moment. While it is playable, it certainly feels unfinished at the moment. More weapons and other features are promised in the future.

    For now, Dead Wake is a promising, but kind of empty feeling game. However, surviving for 30 minutes is certainly a challenge.



    OS requirements for Dead Wake:

    • OS: WinXP/Vista

    Download here:

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