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  • The best Indian team since the ’90s: Kirmani

    Syed Kirmani is not ready to call the current crop the best Indian team ever but believes Mahendra Singh Dhoni leads the best national side since the 1990s.

    Kirmani hailed Dhoni and his men, who beat the West Indies 2-1 to win their fifth ODI series on the trot. Asked if he would be tempted to call it the best Indian side ever, Kirmani said: “I won’t say this is the best India team ever.”

    “Every era has legendary players and every team achieves something or the other. The team of 1983 won the World Cup and no other Indian team has been able to achieve it till now. But still, the winning squad of the 1983 can’t be called the ‘best team ever’.

    “Similarly, you cannot call the present team also the best ever...You could say that this team is the best since 1990s,” Kirmani told

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